Advisors Council

The Advisors Council is a group of active LBRY community members that help the Foundation decide the direction of the LBRY Community as a whole.­čĺŞ

Advisors Council

The Advisors Council is a group of active LBRY community members that help the Foundation decide the direction of the LBRY Community as a whole. This includes things like projects (such as The Tavern) and general design and flow of communication activities (Such as the Podcast and JAM Sessions).

How to become a member of the Advisors Council?

  1. Must be an Advisors first ( see below )

  2. Nominated by Advisors Council and simple majority passing vote of the Council.

  3. Active in LBRY Discord ( participating in important discussions )

How to get expelled from the council?

  1. Inactivity in LBRY discord for 2 Months without notification. A comment will be made in the #Advisors-council chat, and contact will be attempted before this occurs.

  2. Voted out by 2/3rds majority of the Council.

  3. Not voting on more than 2 initiatives without notification.

Rules/Guidelines to be followed by both Advisors and the Advisors Council

  1. Changes to this document requires a 2/3rds approval by the Council

  2. Members of the Advisors Council are granted permissions to use the @Warship bot. Use of this bot are to moderate the chats of spam/scammers and extreme cases of abuse if a Moderator isnÔÇÖt around. This is a privilege and should be treated as such. Abusing this access could result in the entire Council losing these permissions and/or removal of the member the Council pending a discussion in #Advisors-council by the remaining members.

  3. Members of The Council must strictly adhere to the rules of the Foundation Discord and set an example of best behavior in the non-Council channels. Council private channel can be used to respectfully debate and vent.

  4. Voting decisions of the Advisors Council finish and are final after 100% of the members vote instead of waiting on the standard timeout.

  5. When in doubt, remember this golden phrase: ÔÇťBe excellent to each otherÔÇŁ -LavRadis 2017

  6. The council shall consist of a minimum number of 7 members and a maximum number of 15 members.

  7. Discussion on issues should generally happen in the #advisors channel, this includes issues to be decided by the council to allow for more input before bringing an issue to a vote.

  8. Votes for the Council shall be held in #advisors-voting. Options to vote would also include an abstain option, this should be used in place of no vote to allow for accountability.

Advisors Requirements

  • Requisites

    1. Has been involved in at least 2 discussions about governance in #foundation-gov

    2. Has attended at least 2 Foundation JAM Sessions

    3. Has either been involved with the LBRY platform and/or the LBRY Discord for a combined period of at least 1 year (This is the only requirement which can be overridden by a 2/3rds majority vote of the existing council based on contributions of nominated individual)

  • Nomination process

    1. A community member that meets the above requirements may be nominated by the Advisors Council

    2. If no special circumstances are present, no vote is required aside from a second to the above nomination

  • Removal process

    1. The Advisors Council can remove any Advisors with a simple majority passing vote of the Council.
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