LBRY Arena

Greater joy awaits!­čÄë

WhatÔÇÖs LBRY Arena?

LBRYArena is a project, funded by the LBRY foundation and hosted by LBRY Aides in an attempt to drive traffic and increase engagement as well as activity by bringing people together to enjoy events/tasks with various prizes included.

Joining the Party

To sign up for LBRYArena, all you need to do is head over to #bots-and-roles and type "!addrole LBRYArena" to sign up.

Breakdown of Arena

  • #arena-announcement : This is where all arena related announcements goes. Check frequently to keep yourself up to date

  • #arena-competition : All submissions related to ongoing events goes in this channel. Most of the time those are submitted manually by an Aide.

  • #arena-discussion : Chit chats , Nick nacks , Tic tac talks goes here.

LBRY Arena Events

Click on a event to see details
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