Join the LBRY Chat ­čĺČ

The main community chat is hosted via Discord and located at Some Hives maintain separate chat rooms that can be discovered by checking the list of Hives.

The Main Chat

The main community Discord is a massive chat server used by over 47000 community members. There you canÔÇŽ

  • Explore and develop ideas
  • Help test new releases
  • Participate in contests and competitions
  • Get technical support
  • Find your place in the The Swarm by creating or joining a LBRY hive
  • Get funding through the The Tavern for an Initiative or Project
  • Chat with other LBRY users and creators from around the world about anything at all!

Joining the Chat

  1. Go here and follow the instructions to make a Discord account and join the server.
  2. Once you are in the server, follow the instructions to verify that you are a human.
  3. Say hi!!
  4. Explore and join rooms. A lot of communication happens via channels that start hidden, organized around Hives. Check out this table for the full list. If the hive is listed as having a role on the LBRY discord, assign yourself one using !roles command in #hiveroles channel.

Other Things to Know

If you are looking to create a hive, join the #makeahive channel and follow the instructions on the Swarm page.

DonÔÇÖt be afraid to ask for help with anything in the #help channel.

Otherwise, stick around in the #general channel and feel free to explore!

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