Creators Council

The Creators Council is a group of active Lbry creators­čÄą

CreatorÔÇÖs Council

What is the CreatorÔÇÖs Council ?

The CreatorÔÇÖs Council is a group of active Lbry creators that helps the foundation to make decisions about optimizing the support offered to the creators. The council is also in charge of validating verified creators and guide them the best way possible.

How to get in the council ?

  1. Must be a verified creator first
  2. Request or be nominated by creatorÔÇÖs council and voted by the council
  3. Active in Lbry Discord (participating in important discussions)

How to get expelled from the council ?

  1. Inactivity in Lbry Foundation discord for 2 weeks without notification
  2. Voted out by the majority of the council

Expelling process

  1. If inactive the member will be notified by DM
  2. If there is no reply for 2 days the member is out
  3. Expelled members can re-apply after one month and the council shall vote

Creators Council schedule

Creator of the Week

Creator of the week -Requisites :

1) 2 weeks Active in Lbry 2) Minimum of 7 original uploads and 1 upload in the last 3 months 3) Less than 5k followers

Nomination and Voting rules for Creator of the Week

  • Members canÔÇÖt nominate themselves
  • Nomination Period : Friday-Wednesday
  • Voting Period: till Thursday

Nomination/Voting process:

  • Only Creators Council members can nominate
  • Nominations turns ordered alphabetically
  • You need to be at least Verified Creator to vote
  1. Two CC members nominates 2 channels from Friday to Monday (and try contact)
  2. CC post the current voting round in#cotw-voting channel
  3. The public (@verified creator to above) votes on the new COWT
  4. Announce winner on the podcast (Friday)


1) Budget (200k LBC) 2) Creators Council Channel Post

  • How is it used :

1 week support for the voted creator on Channel and Content

Recent COTW winners

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