The running wishlist and roadmap for the LBRY Foundation ­čŤú´ŞĆ

Hello again! It is my pleasure to present to you the running wishlist and roadmap for the LBRY Foundation. This is a fluid document that is meant to compile tasks that active contributors are working on or would like to see completed. If you think you can help with any of the tasks, feel free to join the community and help!


Already Completed

Restructure hive system
  • Simplified creation of hives
  • Simplified management of hives
  • Established foundations for future edges and growth
Establish community funding processes
  • Initiatives
  • Proposals
Establish organizational structures for the foundation
  • Established a board
  • Began official non-profit status process including by-laws
  • Reorganized Discord
  • Established initial processes
    • Meetings
    • Minutes
    • Monthly jam sessions
    • Document storage
    • Timely response to .fund requests
    • Timely response to initiative proposals
Establish outreach nodes
  • LBRY Foundation channel
  • LBRY Foundation twitter
  • LBRY Mastodon
Establish Veterans node as a power wielding actor
  • Decision maker for initiatives
  • Decision maker for addition of veterans
Grow Veterans node
  • Added 2 more active veterans

Administrative Challenges

  • Process for LBRY Foundation channel management
  • Process for LBRY Twitter/Mastodon management
  • Complete Logo Assets and Upload to LBRY Channel
  • Board Elections
  • Continue edge organization

Marketing and Outreach Challenges

  • Social Media Presence
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
  • LBRY Community Podcast
  • Intercommunity outreach initiatives
    • Reddit
    • AMAs
  • Establish partnerships
  • Establish LBRY Foundation Blog on LBRY Channel
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