The Tavern

The LBRY Tavern. Cheers!­čŹ║

So you have an idea you want to bring into the LBRY network. You have fleshed out the details and determined its value if it succeeds. You know what needs to get done in what order and how you will track completion of your goalsÔÇŽ if only you had the resources and help to get it rolling!

Welcome to The LBRY Tavern

Where the LBRY Foundation and community gather to turn ideas into reality.

The LBRY Foundation uses its resources to support the LBRY network, community, and ecosystem. If you have an idea that will do just that, we want to help if we can. If we canÔÇÖt help, maybe a hive or someone from the community can.

There are three things to remember if you want to get the most out of the Tavern:

  • Start small
  • Starting is easy, completing is not
  • Reputation is key

There are two avenues you can use to secure the help you need to build your idea: Initiatives and Project Grants.


Initiatives are small tasks or projects. An initiative is a great way to experiment or explore the development of an idea, or to support a smaller ongoing project.

Most funding requests should exist as initiatives and initiatives are the perfect way to step into the LBRY developer and contributor ecosystem.

There are three tiers of funding for initiatives. Each tier has a maximum amount of LBC that can be requested:

  • Tier 1 : 200 USD

  • Tier 2 : 400 USD

  • Tier 3 : 800 USD

You must complete one initiative of a lower tier before you can request funding from a higher tier. In other words, complete a task with 200 USD in order to ask for 400 USD, and complete a task with 400 USD in order to ask for 800 USD.

The amount requested will be converted to LBC based on the 30 day moving average price of LBC on the Bittrex exchange.

To request funding for your initiative follow these steps:

  1. Join the LBRY Discord server
  2. Give yourself a role in the #hiveroles channel
  3. Introduce yourself in the #initiative-discussions channel
  4. In under 2000 characters, describe your initiative in the #initiative-proposals channel
  5. Be sure to include an LBC address in your proposal

To give your proposal a better chance of success, try to answer these questions:

  • What specific outcomes will happen as a result of the funding?
  • How do these outcomes bring value to the LBRY network?
  • How can success be measured?
  • How long will the project take?
  • How long will the funding last?


  • Keep all discussion to the #initiative-discussions channel
  • No single person can receive more than 800 USD per month via initiatives.

Once you have shared your idea in the #initiative-proposals channel, people might ask questions in the #initiative-discussions channel.

Do your best to answer them, and do not take criticism personally! We all want LBRY to succeed.

If your proposal is rejected, rethink it and try again.

The requested LBC amount will be sent to the provided LBC address within 48 hours of the 24 hour period having passed.

Project Grants

Projects are long term and large scale initiatives. There is no limit to the amount of LBC that can be requested with a project grant.

Project grants should be fully detailed proposals with a clear vision, measurable goals, completion dates, and a value proposition.

Projects that are supported by an extensive reputation and the experience from a ÔÇťprototypeÔÇŁ are much more likely to be given serious consideration. For the time being, project grants are reviewed by the Foundation Board every Tuesday. Responses are sent out within 48 hours of their review.

To apply for a project grant, visit and submit a completed form.

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