Creators Council

The Creators Council is a group of active Lbry creators­čÄą

Creators Council

The Creators Council is a group of active Lbry creators that helps the foundation make decisions and offers support to creators. The council has been granted 100k LBC granted by the Foundation to support a new creator every week through its Creator of the Week program. The council is also in charge of validating verified creators on the Foundation Discord server.

The Creators Council is formed by 9 people so far and they are:

  • @Letsfly @Racecationtv
  • @vlad
  • @TheGamingDragon
  • @Marusame
  • @TechDunk
  • @Kamots
  • @lbry://@AlexandreMarcotte777
  • @Mantega

How to get in the council ?

  1. Must be a verified creator on the LBRY Foundation Discord server

  2. Must be nominated by a member of the creators council

  3. Must be approved by the majority of the creators council

  4. Must be active on the Lbry Foundation Discord ( participating in important discussions )

How to get expelled from the council ?

  1. Inactivity in Lbry discord for 2 weeks without notification

  2. Failure to participate in 2 consecutive Creator of the Week nomination cycles without notice

  3. Voted out by the majority of the council

Creator of the week

  • Requisites:

    1. 2 weeks Active in Lbry

    2. Minimum of 7 original uploads and at least 1 LbryExclusive

    3. Less than 1k followers

  • Rules:

    1. Members canÔÇÖt nominate themselves

    2. Once nominating a winner, a council member cannot nominate another creator until all other council members have nominated someone

  • Nomination Period: Friday-Wednesday

  • Voting Period: Through Thursday

  • Nomination process:

  1. The creators council nominates two creators and votes on them.

Support Budget (100k LBC)

  • How is it used:
  1. one week support for the creator of the week
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