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Hives are independent groups of people who care about LBRY values: freedom to make our own choices in the content we consume and publish, software that respects its users, and tools that leave those who use them in control.

A Hive is made up of people who care about LBRY and… something else. That “something else” could be based on many different ideas. Some good examples: a geographical area, a genre of music, a hobby or interest, or a project being built on the LBRY protocol.

List of Public/Open Hives

Name Home (Main Discord Room or Separate Chat Description
LBRY.Social has been working hard creating original content for LBRY as well as creating statistics applications that visualize the LBRY network.
LBRY India/Block Youth Foundation I’ve been able to get some solid creators that can drive more Ghanaian content creators to LBRY. They are still exploring the platform, some have already synced and some others with over 50k+ subs will be syncing soon. They will help us drive more creators and users to LBRY as they also do organise content creators meet-ups."
Noob Team hive (Poland) The Noob Team hive is one of the most creative hives in the Swarm! Every month, they surprise us with how they're reaching out to Polish gamers, YouTubers, and folks on different tech and social channels!
LBRY Turkey LBRY has seen tremendous growth and traffic in Turkey! The LBRY Turkey hive reached out to many Turkish YouTubers and have gotten several of them to sync their channels to LBRY.
LBRY China October was a busy month for this hive! They attended the Blockchain World Forum Conference in Shenzhen, POWPOWER in Beijing, have had substantial growth on their social media accounts, and translated the LBRY app into Chinese!
LBRY.records With a rebranding to Britrophone, LBRY.records is developing a music distribution company and online label. They plan to handle distribution to both centralized and decentralized platforms
Open Source LBRY In October, Open Source LBRY hive added thousands of Project Gutenberg books to LBRY, and over 1,300 movies in the public domain
Kerala Hive The Kerala hive has been busy recruiting YouTubers to sync their content on LBRY. They have prepared a sample email contact script which they are offering as an example for other hives to use or tailor to suit their needs. Also this month, Kerala hive completed translation of the LBRY desktop app into the Malayalam language!
LBRY-C LBRY-C Team is primarily a European team currently consisting of a 5 member Core Team and 6+ member Extended Team who are building new applications, a stronger community and working towards securing the integrity of the LBRY Protocol.