The Swarm

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The Swarm

The swarm is a sub-network within the LBRY network. It utilizes open-source principles to focus on the development of community, engagement, and the voices and reputations of individuals and groups within the LBRY network.

The sub-net nodes are known as hives.

What is a hive?

A hive is a place to meet people who love the things you love, including, of course, the LBRY protocol and the values it represents.

Anyone can make a hive, everyone can join as many hives as they’d like, and there can be more than one hive that center around the same topic or application.

Some examples of hives:

  • Music
  • Country music
  • EDM
  • Anime
  • Art
  • Photography
  • The Ninja Turtles
  • Donatello, the staff wielding ninja turtle
  • The staff of Donatello, the staff wielding ninja turtle
  • Donatello’s graphic novel creation app
  • Really, anything!

You could think of hives as subreddits on reddit, or channels on an IRC server, but different.

Why should I join or make a hive?

Joining or making a hive is a great way to jump into the LBRY network. Make some friends, learn some things, share some ideas, gain some experience, build a reputation, or just hang out with some like minded individuals.

How do I join a hive?

Hives are entirely independent and autonomous communities within the larger LBRY network. As such, the process for joining a hive depends entirely on the hive you would like to join. Maybe a hive lets anyone join and all you need to do is join a chat room. In fact, many hives will have their own role and channel right on the LBRY discord server. To join one of those hives simply join the LBRY discord and ask for the appropriate role in the #hiveroles channel!

Otherwise, maybe a hive only lets folks with portfolios join, like photographers or artists. Maybe a hive requires you to write a short story to join. Maybe a hive requires a code contribution. Maybe a hive is entirely open. Maybe a hive has a limited number of possible members. So long as the rules of the hive do not conflict with the ethos and protocol of the LBRY network: maybe anything.

So how do you join? Find the hive you would like to join, find out how to join, and follow their instructions!

How do I make a hive?

Making a hive is as easy as setting up a chat room and editing a wiki. Actually, that’s the entire process!

All you need to do to make your own hive is to set up a chat room or forum and add your hive to the hives table on this wiki page.

The easiest way to do this is to join the LBRY discord #makeahive channel and ask for you own hive role and channel. After a brief chat with a friendly moderator, you’ll have your own room and role made right on the LBRY discord. The LBRY discord is already a buzzing place so this is probably the best way to find more people for your new hive.

How should hives operate?

However you want! Well, mostly.

We are all part of the LBRY network. The network’s ethos, its protocol, its operation, its community and development are paramount. The only written rule for hives is that a hive cannot conflict the LBRY network. Otherwise, literally anything goes.

So go ahead, make a democratic hive. Make an anarchist hive. Make a hive ruled by 12 rings. Make a hive ruled by 1. The LBRY network is your stage, your imagination is your player. Have fun. Experiment. Succeed. Fail. Try again. Fail again. Try again… again. Or don’t. The choices are yours to make.

Hives Table

Name Chat Room or Forum Website Description
Developers LBRY Discord !Developer role The LBRY Foundation's developer hive. Chat with other software engineers and developers. Talk about LBRY or other development projects. Learn and explore the world of code!
Contributors LBRY Discord !Contributor role The LBRY Foundation's contributors hive. Chat with other contributors. Talk about building LBRY design, marketing, outreach, organization, translation, or any form of contribution other than software engineering.
Creators LBRY Discord !Creator role The LBRY Foundation's creators hive. Chat with other creators on the LBRY platform or where ever! Talk about gear, technique, struggles, successes. Share ideas and content, and get to know one another!
Translators LBRY Discord !Translator role The LBRY Foundation's translation hive. Chat with other translators. Help translate LBRY and LBRY documentation to languages from around the world!
LBRY.Science LBRY Discord !Science role LBRY.Science focuses on the curation of science news, the creation and curation of science content, the spread of science literacy, communication, and education, and the advancement of DeSci: A Decentralized System of Science.
LBRY.Español LBRY Discord !Espanol role Canal en español del protocolo LBRY para toda la comunidad.
LBRY.records LBRY Discord !Musician role LBRY.Records plans to be a music distribution company & online label in future, that distributes your music to all platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, YouTube and makes musicians earn more money by utilising cryptocurrencies on an official LBRY.Records LBRY channel. It is also a musician community.
Open Source LBRY LBRY Discord !OpenSource role Open Source LBRY's focus is to bring open sourced content to LBRY. We have already uploaded over 50k public domain books and have created the MassUploader program so that anybody that has many open source/public domain files have an easy method to publish them all to LBRY.
Watch on LBRY Plugin LBRY Discord !WatchonLBRY role A plugin for web browsers that automatically checks whether a YouTube video or channel is on LBRY. If it is, it redirects you to LBRY to watch it there.
Wallet Servers LBRY Discord !WalletServer role A wallet server is a computer that processes information from the blockchain and arranges it into a more convenient form for apps to use. Your LBRY app talks to wallet servers when it wants to find out information about LBRY content, make transactions, and many other things.

A community member may wish to run his or her own wallet server in order to reduce reliance on LBRY Inc (thus making the network more decentralized), to customize what content is available to users (e.g., certain content might be illegal in one country but not another), in order to run a different trending algorithm, or for some other reason not listed here.

This hive talks about and builds these things.

Reddit LBRY Discord !Reddit role The place for people who use Reddit and LBRY. Join if you want to spread LBRY among Redditors, talk about the Reddit tipbot or other integrations, or just lament the slow death of a once totally sweet site.
LazyBit LBRY Discord !LazyBit role We work towards raising the level of knowledge about LBRY, cryptocurrency and distributed technologies in geographic area of ex-Yugoslavia/Balkans/Adriatic region.
LBRY India LBRY Discord !India role LBRY India is a community for LBRYians accros India and Africa. We are the full supporters of LBRY, secure, open, and community-run digital marketplace to enjoy the latest content from your favorite creators as a user, not a product. The LBRY India community is made up of people from various educational and cultural backgrounds. You can get to learn new things and get to meet new people. Probably make some new friends, we usually organise LBRY, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Meet-ups.
Makerspace Hive LBRY Discord !MakerspaceHive role Makerspacehive is promoting LBRY as content distribution platform for Makers and DIY creators with special focus on Makerspaces.
LBRY Social LBRY Social is an online LBRY community building, marketing and growth engine with a twist. We are an ecosystem of LBRYnauts looking to learn, discover and build networks to power LBRY community blockchain projects of all shapes and sizes. Power to the people!
LBRY Turkey LBRY.Turkey / LBRY Türkiye, Türkiye'de LBRY kullanıcılarının oluşturduğu bir topluluktur. Bu topluluğa katılıp diğer Türk LBRY kullanıcıları ile tanışabilir, ara ara düzenlenen LBC ve Swag çekilişlerine katılabilir, içeriklerin tadını beraber çıkarabilirsin.
LBRY Community (LBRYC) The LBRY.Community hive is dedicated to bringing attention to the LBRY protocol and applications built on the LBRY protocol alongside showing our support and love for open source projects. Our goal is to promote and aid in the acknowledgement of projects built on the LBRY protocol and similar open source projects.
Beat Saber Beat Saber is a rhythmic video game where you hit notes to the beat in a VR experience. LBRY Beat Saber is all about hanging out! Share everything you enjoy about Beat Saber, chat about your favorite map, or anything related! The main mission we'd like to do is: to share to everyone in the beat saber community that LBRY can really help you with the content you make, even if you play a song that may be copywritten!
LBRYans United This hive represents the "LBRYans United" MeWe Group, which serves to help inform/educate/connect with folks who may not have ever heard of LBRY. A place for new/old LBRY users ("LBRYans" when spelled properly) to share/view/discuss their work. We also focus heavily on the more broad crypto world as well as alternative FOSS based platforms & programs.