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The funding process is expected to undergo significant experimentation throughout 2020.

Currently, funding from the LBRY Foundation is available in two forms: microprojects and grants.


Microprojects are single grants of 20,000 LBC or less.

To propose a microproject, join the #proposals room of the chat.


- Anyone with the LBRYian role can ask for funding for a project. Funding requests can be up to 20,000 LBC. Each person is also limited to this amount across multiple requests. - Funding requests are completely free-form. But the best request answers these questions: what is the funding? what specific outcomes happen as a result of the funding? how can success be measured? how long will the project take? how long will the funding last? - Any request that has at least. is the emoji to indicate approval. Everyone that supports a project is encouraged to approve it. - DM @julie if your request is funded. This is how you receive the funds.