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The funding process is expected to undergo significant experimentation throughout 2020.

Currently, funding from the LBRY Foundation is available in two forms: microprojects and grants.


Microprojects are single grants of a fixed amount of LBC for shorter term projects.

To propose a microproject, join the #proposals room of the chat.

Funding Process

Anyone with the LBRYian role can propose a project of up to 20,000 LBC and receive near-immediate funding. Funding proposals are submitted to the #proposals chat room. Funding proposals are free form, but good requests answers these questions:

  • What is the funding?
  • What specific outcomes happen as a result of the funding?
  • How can success be measured?
  • How long will the project take?
  • How long will the funding last?

Proposals that are supported by at least 5 non-affiliated Veteran LBRYians are funded.

No single person can receive more than 20,000 LBC per month via micro projects.

List of Microprojects

(Julie Sigwart would be thrilled to share some LBC with you if you do this for her)

Mr. Apson

This is to form a group of YouTubers on campus encouraging other youtubers to sync their channel. Am studying at lovely professional university with 40000 plus students. Every week we have students shooting their videos on campus and encouraging others through means like text, and even personal meetings to subscribe to their channels. There are more than 500 you tubers on campus to which most of them do not get anything on youtube due to the number of subscribers they are having. With the help of a team that have build who are already on lbry can convince them with the 1000-5000 subscribers they are having can benefit from lbry-Youtube program and also encourage them with tips to refer other Youtubers, I will get the majority to sync their channels. And also encourage them with the same means to get their audience to follow their content on lbry, letting them know it even easier to convince them because they also get to benefit as viewers.

I already have a channel that have dedicated to this course on lbry teaching some of the reasons why they should sync their channels.

Program On 6th the team will assemble together to initiate the program by targeting only youtubers to convince, to which there will be a reward depending on the number each one gets.

Every youtuber who syncs their channel also gets to be part of the team. Which will be they also get a reward for letting people sync their channels. This will continue till 20th.

On 21st, the team will be in their t-shirts with the words Youtube is dead; Lbry killed it. To create awareness and also encourage those that couldn’t be reached convincing them to be part of the revolution.

At the end of the campaign there will be a meet-up where we invite Clement to give them full details and full benefits joining the platform of the future.

Estimated budget 20k lbc

1500 for team t-shirts 8000 for youtubers joining t-shirt 8000 for referral reward 2500 for team


For LBC funding greater than 20,000, grants are available.

LBRY is excited to participate and has given a grant from the to create and incorporate a legal entity with this purpose, called the Block Youth Foundation.

Block Youth Foundation

Funding Process

Anyone can request a grant by submitting this form.

Grant proposals are voted on by the Foundation Board (see Governance) on a weekly basis.