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Welcome to LBRY!

As a permissionless blockchain and cryptocurrency network, LBRY invites everyone to join in building a more free and open future.

The LBRY Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth, development, and adoption of the LBRY network in a bottom-up, community-driven fashion.

Are you an engineer?

Are you a designer?

Are you a creator?

Are you someone who wants to have some fun and hone their skills while contributing to a larger cause as part of a gigantic community?

Wonderful. So are we and we’d like to help!

Here’s how you get involved

The LBRY community is the main driver of everything the LBRY Foundation does. There are two ways to get involved with the community. The path with the most bang for your buck definitely has to be joining the LBRY Discord server.

The other way to get involved is by joining the LBRY Foundation mailing list. An occasional e-mail will be sent out when there is major news or a big event. Join the mailing list [here]<LINK>.


The LBRY discord is a massive chat server used by over 600 community members. In it, you can help test new releases, explore and develop ideas, share and discover content and media, join The Swarm to create or join a LBRY hive, join The Tavern and request some funding for an initiative or project, and simply chat with folks from around the world.

You will also find a channel for technical support and help along with the occasional competition.

To join the LBRY Discord, go here and follow the instructions to make a Discord account and join the server.

Once you are in the server, follow the instructions to verify that you are a human.

If you are looking to join a hive, check out the hives table on the Swarm page of this wiki. If the hive is listed as having a role on the LBRY discord, ask for that role in the #hiveroles channel.

If you are looking to create a hive, join the #makeahive channel and follow the instructions on the the Swarm page of this wiki.

If you are a developer, ask for the developer role and check out the #developers channel.

If you are a non-developer contributor, like a designer, marketer, outreach specialist, translator, organizer, or what-have-you, ask for the contributor role and check out the #contributors channel.

If you are a content creator, ask for the creator role and check out the #creators channel.

Don't be afraid to ask for help with anything in the #help channel.

Otherwise, stick around in the #general channel or feel free to explore!

Other Pages

The Tavern

The Swarm


Active Initiatives

Active Grants

Ideas and Feedback If you'd like to help develop this wiki or wish to add information, please be sure to create an account or sign in first.