Starting Your Own Hive

Becoming part of the Swarm

Starting a Hive is simple. We will go in-depth on the requirements for starting a Hive here as well as providing information on how to submit your Hive idea for approval.

In-Depth Requirements for Starting a Hive

Required; Yourself, A Discord Account, A Hive Home, and Have attended an introductory session

Suggested; A Google Account

Yourself; Its YOU! Yes you, human. You are the colonist, the one who has an idea for a Hive and a love for LBRY. That idea for a Hive can be any matter of things from gaming, technology, animals, or more. It just has to fit within LBRY in some way.

A Google Account; This one isn’t strictly required but is recommended. We use Google Docs to write reports, handbooks, informational pieces, and more. We highly recommend you do the same so you and your Hive members can seamlessly collaborate on documentation.

A Discord Account; A full Discord account is required to take part in the LBRY Swarm discussion on our server. Making an account is easy and you can do so here. Once you have a full account (email verified) you are welcome to join our server at

Have Attended An Introductory Session; This is a requirement so we can all meet you and learn more about your Hives idea as well as learn more about yourself. These are relatively short and painless (we promise). You can view a calendar for all available sessions linked in our FAQ, here.

A Hive Home; This is where your Hive will be located. This is rather lenient but needs to be a place or tool that everyone in your Hive is familiar and comfortable using. Some popular examples that we’ve seen are: A Discord server, A WhatsApp group, Slack workspace, or website.
Your Hive home should be welcoming and is vital to having an engaged and thriving membership within the Hive. You should have within your Hive home a place for you and your members to communicate separately from everyone else.

Now What?

Now that you have collected all of the above information and tools as well as attended the introductory session, you’re done! Congratulations, you now have your very own Hive… be sure to take good care of it. More details on further Hive levels can be explained upon request.