The Swarm Information Help Desk

Here you can find answers to your questions, help starting a Hive, Hive officer positions, and more. If you require help, here is the first place to look. For further help, please join our community chat at

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Hive?

A hive is an independent group of like-minded individuals who care about LBRY values; “Freedom to make our own choices in the content we consume and publish, software that respects its users, and tools that leave those who use them in control.”

There is a small addition, though. You must believe in the LBRY values and be interested in something else. A hobby or interest, or even a project being built on the LBRY protocol.

Can I earn money?

⚬ Yes! So long as you continue to meet the criteria laid out for starting a Hive, you and your Hive members can earn some money to fund Hive meetups, events, or even buy some beer! (Neither nor LBRY Inc. will get involved with how to spend your LBC. It is purely up to you as a Hive to decide!)

Who can make a Hive?

⚬ Anyone can create a Hive for just about any interest and/or hobby. It is not limited to anyone or really anything.

Can I join anyone’s Hive?

⚬Generally speaking, Yes! So long as the Hive you are wanting to join is okay with you becoming a member, you can join in as you please. We are always happy to see Hives with many, many members. There is no limit!

What is the goal of a Hive?

⚬This is really up to any given Hive. There is no set-in-stone goal for all Hives to go towards (besides success, of course!). It is up to you and your Hive members to come up with a goal unique to you.

Why does LBRY Inc. fund Hives?

⚬ LBRY Inc. funds the Swarm initiative as well as individual Hives as a way of incentivizing the growth of communities within LBRY. 

Requirements for Starting A Hive

Starting a Hive only requires a few things… Your Hive will need a colonist, someone with an idea and a love for LBRY. That’s you!

Once you have that idea, you will need to pitch that idea to LBRY Inc. in a meeting. We have a public calendar that you can view if you’re interested in attending one of these introductory meetings here.


Next, you’ll need to gather some like-minded friends. These friends don’t need to be tech savvy (but it helps).

That’s it! You now officially have a Hive. Obviously, there are more in-depth requirements overall, but this covers how to get started initially.

When you’re ready to start a Hive, take a look at this page.

Hive Officer Positions




The Champion is the primary organiser of the community tasked with being the leader and external face of your Hive. The Champion will be responsible for routing people and ideas internally in the Hive.



The Engineer is tasked with being the most technically familiar within your Hive. The Engineer will also be tasked with managing your Hives multi-signature LBC wallet. They will also collaborate with LBRY developers on occasions.


The Curator is tasked with organising events for the Hive as well as manage the content of the Hive (if the Hive creates content). The Curator is also tasked with publishing said content and sharing content in which the Hive may be interested in.


The Promoter is tasked with recruiting new Hive members as well as helps the newbies. The Promoter is also tasked with assisting on keeping information up to date for newcomers.



The Reporter is tasked with assisting the members of a Hive communicate with other Hives as well as drafting, revising, and submitting monthly reports to LBRY Inc.