What is LBRY?

LBRY (Pronounced Library) is a decentralized marketplace and media sharing platform for all types of content. From videos to music, e-books and games, 3D-printing templates and more. Either publish your content for free or for a fee. You control your content… with LBRY.*

What is the LBRY Swarm Initiative?

The LBRY Swarm Initiative is a grassroots community program to promote awareness, use, and development of the LBRY protocol and network. We believe in empowering people across the globe to be able to promote and monetize their content and regain control from corporate-controlled centralized platforms.

LBRY Swarm Community

The LBRY Swarm Community consists of members all around the globe. From Uganda to China, Europe and America, even hives located entirely on the internet. LBRY has hands all around the world that brings everyone just a bit closer together.

Interested in becoming a part of the lbry community?

The Swarm contains Hives with interests for almost anyone… Be it gaming, 3D-printing, technology, spreading the knowledge and adoption of LBRY, anti-censorship, or even Anti-YouTube.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the LBRY community by either starting your very own Hive or joining a pre-existing Hive, you can follow the link below.